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Stephanie Szusz

Along with my husband Justin and our son Ethan, we live in New Hamburg, ON and have been friends with the Rectors for 7 years. The Lord brought this friendship together in His perfect way and timing and it feels as though this friendship has been for a lifetime. What a blessing it has been to get to know them and their heart for the Lord, missions and the Czech!


Born and raised in a Christian home and always attending church, I have always felt like I don’t have a dramatic, life changing testimony and as such I felt like I didn’t have much to ‘bring to the table’ in terms of sharing my own story to bring Glory to God – however, the Lord has really caught a hold of my heart in the last few years to show me that no matter what our history, location, talents or abilities the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us and we can all be of use to Him!! While working with Rachael and her prior business, I used to always refer to myself as the ‘geeky bookkeeper’, to which she would respond by reminding me that it’s not a geeky trait at all but my God given gift that I can use to bless others!


It is exciting to be stepping up to the call the Lord has placed on my heart. Not only to serve and support this ministry in Czech but to take the exact same passion and principles and apply them to my local community that I love so much. I was born and raised in New Hamburg and am blessed to now be raising my own family here. I love the people in my community and pray that the Lord will use my family as a way to spread His love right here in my own backyard!!


We are so blessed and so thankful to know the Rector’s and support them as they step out in bold and confident faith to pursue the calling God has given them.


Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose”

Email Stephanie regarding financial support for Living Walk.

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