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The nation of CZECH REPUBLIC

Location: Jihlava, Czech Republic

rich historical culture

10.5 million people

magnificent nature

PRAGUE- capital city

in the        very heart of Europe


The nation of Czech Republic (Czechia, 10.5 million people) is located in central Europe

The language is Czech (a language with Slavic roots)

Facts and our heart for the nation of Czech Republic can be found here.

The above video is courtesy of Prayercast-Czech Republic.

The response to the Canadian groups which we have led to CZ has been incredibly positive.

Czech people generally can be quiet, cautious and reserved in new relationships.  They (as a rule) do not open their lives and homes easily to their fellow countrymen based on a history of suspicion towards neighbors, etc. during communist times.  Unbelieving Czechs tend to have an increased wariness towards believing Czechs as they are resistant to cults and forced religion.  They tend to more freely and openly interact with English foreigners due to their interest in the English language and our culture.  Within the context of established friendship and deeper relationships, Czechs are incredibly warm, thoughtful, loyal, giving people.


We desire to see the Living Walk program in the Czech Republic be used of God through the grace that He has afforded foreigners to reach a generation of atheists, agnostics, and those steeped in cultural religion with Life everlasting and Freedom in Jesus Christ our Lord!

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