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Jody, Rachael, Hannah and Grace 

Jody and Rachael share a lifelong passion for missions.  From an early age, Rachael's heart always came alive with stories of believers living out the Gospel.  Jody's heart for missions began in an Emmanuel Bible College sports ministry classroom.  

Their story as husband and wife began when God brought them together as students attending a three month Missionary Training Program in the Czech Republic in 2001. 

Jody has served as a full time youth pastor, has worked in youth corrections and most recently in the automotive sales industry.  Rachael has worked administrative jobs and ran her own business as an art (painting) instructor.  They have led seven short term mission trips and have lived in the Czech Republic for a year and a half as missionaries.  Through all this they have always approached ministry as a family, together with their two daughters Hannah and Grace. 

In 2010 God did a miraculous work in their lives and began rebuilding them as a couple in Him.  They can see how over the course of their life, God had been planting seeds and preparing them for something more. In their own life experiences they have seen how easy it is to embrace the pull of living safe, cozy, comfortable, wordly successful Christian lives.  They have begun to see in the Scriptures quite the opposite- to be willing to give those things up and be part of the global call to build the Kingdom of God.  


In the past three years, God has brought into laser focus a deeper desire and calling to wholeheartedly take up the call to the Great Commission- and to loving challenge other believers to do the same.  He has brought their love for Czech people, their desire to fulfill the Great Commission and their heart to lead others to fulfilling it as well, into a vision to begin a three month disciple's training program in the Czech Republic.  Believing that He is at the helm in this, they are excited to make their lives about making disciples who make disciples!

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