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make disciples

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May - July
Mid Sept - Mid Dec

Total Duration: 89 days

Location: The Czech Republic

*Cost: $5,500 CAD, $4000 USD

The three month Living Walk program is designed as learning, living and outreach all rolled into one, and takes place in the Czech Republic (CZ).  

You'll learn from leaders from around the world, studying various foundations of a living walk in Christ such as: 

  • Laying down your idols

  • How to study the Word of God

  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Living in Community

  • Prayer

  • Communion

  • Disciple Making (outreach)

  • Unpacking your baggage 

  • Physical fuel- a disciple's approach to health

  • Healthy Marriage/Relationships (as applicable)

  • Learn and grow in community with believers from another culture

The program is tailored towards young adults, however any aged believer will be considered.  Families are also invited to apply (please contact us for specific pricing). 

Students will live in apartments.  The apartments have equipped kitchens, beds and bedding, desks, washroom facilities and living areas.  

The weather for the Fall track will vary in temperature (between below freezing to mildly warm).  Preparation for outdoor activities in a variety of conditions and temperatures is a must (cold, snow, wet, muddy, active, etc.)

The Spring/Summer track will have milder to hot temperatures.  Preparation for outdoor activities in cool, warm, hot, wet, muddy etc weather is also a must.

The *fees of the program per individual will be $5,500 CAD ($4,000 USD).  These fees cover:

  • accommodations

  • transportation during the program (does not include transportation costs from your home to CZ and back again)

  • speaker expenses

  • any books required

  • outreach expenses during the program

  • operational costs for the program

They do not cover:

  • round trip flights from your home to CZ

  • travel medical insurance

  • any personal spending money (we suggest $200 CAD)

  • Daily meals (budget $1000 CAD for this)

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